Thursday, 7 March 2013

Still a Landlady

Set forth for the Cinema Museum which is handily placed right next door to the Buddhist place in Renfrew Road. Welcomed in for the day which provided plenty of things to study for cinema buffs and a few other bits and pieces. They were selling lots of home made cakes with tea and coffee for only £1 each, so I fell for a cupcake immediately. Had a chat with a few people including a fellow artist who has designed a statue of Charlie Chaplin with several optional locations. My favourite was the latest: near the 'shaver' building at Elephant & Castle. Funds need to be raised, which is probably the most difficult thing here, but it would seem appropriate to have a Chaplin statue somewhere in or near his 'manor', since there are numerous Chaplin statues all over the world. There is a very laid-back, informal air to the Museum which I enjoyed, but unfortunately too much interactivity to be left in peace to sketch so I took a few snaps of bits and pieces. There was to be a tour and film showing later, but I became rather tired and decided to leave earlier. I would like to have a tour and maybe see a film there at some date in the near future. The grating is a metal one in the ceiling. I did wonder whether inmates of the workhouse (which was the Museum's former incarnation)looked up and gazed at this as I did. Who knows, Charlie Chaplin might have stared at this - though it probably went in much later, who knows?

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