Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Knackered of SE1

Visited the quack who suggested more visits and investigations so I slithered off rapidly. My birthday present to David: the book from spitalfields life,arrived. Also a small package from Nibby containing ten absolutely amazing chocs from Misco oop north. Intending to taste one, I inadvertently ate the lot. Dear me. Met Francesca at Toulouse Lautrec where we went to the jam session and her husband also turned up later. Did a few sketches before leaving early at midnight. On Sunday I had managed to see the Jerwood Drawing prize show just before it closed. Excellent. My young Proven├žal couple left on Wednesday morning. This was rather chaotic. I managed to have coffee with David before my cleaning lady turned up. Then Romy came as her bro in law is going to recover my little yellow chair which had been ruined by Kooky. This will cost a fortune but I am so fond of it. Also cheaper than the £800 plus small chairs I could have replaced it with. Fabric samples are coming soon.Quite exciting. Then Romy dropped me off in the Strand and I got a bus to Holborn for Art in the Afternoon. Robert had set up a table with still life objects but I decided to sketch the sketchers, one of whom was distinctly horrified at my drawing and called me a witch, which livened up proceedings. This sketch can be seen on my Facebook and on twitter. I still can't deal with IOS 7, which seems to move the cursor at will, but not at my will. Still can't download snaps which is quite annoying. Oh well. Today I shall meet David for coffee as usual, and prepare the spare room for my new guest. Sketching again on Saturday. Must buy some sweets as I will no doubt be inundated with trick or treaters since tonight is Halloween. More post arrived yesterday including £30 from Nibby which I had apparently lent her ages ago. I had urged her to spend it on lunch, but no, she insisted on sending it back. Dear me. My brass Chiavari chairs have been attracting much admiration from all my visitors. On a recent visit, Julian snapped them with her mobile.

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