Monday, 1 April 2013


Again. Dorothy was due but did not turn up until quite late having overslept. Expecting a label anglaise hen I was a bit disconcerted to be presented with a very different creature complete with a white feathered head and huge blue feet. Covered with authenticity labels this was a very expensive poulet de Bresse. Nightmare. I had not eviscerated a chicken for at least fifty years, and then only once, when Tim Williams brought an experimental hen back from the lab for the pot. That had needed plucking, which was not a good experience. Amazingly we succeeded to gut this one with the help of instructions from Dorothy's mobile. Actually it was quite delicious, which it should have been at £30. Of course we ate and drank too much. My new guest is due tomorrow evening and groceries from Tesco arrived today. These included lots of wild bird food, including seed rings, fat balls and a half coconut which I hung outside. I saw a robin in the garden which cheered me up a bit.

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