Monday, 29 April 2013

Keep on Trucking.......

Anyway, I am plodding on, doing the odd small sketch between spying filth everywhere in the flat and wiping it away. Dear me, I had not realised how dust and dirt accumulates. My life has become tragic. Anyway, still reading Anthony Hope - this time Rupert of Henzau which I have managed to get through most of, mainly due to what are becoming predictable twists in the plot, but fun just the same. My honeymoon couple came in completely knackered last night and collapsed into bed before I had stopped watching telly. The Village is definitely getting better and better. Have been playing with the camera on my new iphone, which seems much better than the old one. It whizzes round so you can snap yourself easily and I took one before I realised what I was doing. Outside at the end of the road the untended bed is looking good with some pretty wallflowers and a huge mass of comfrey which will not doubt invade the rest, but very attractive with lovely blue flowers. I once heard the leaves are good for headache. Today I may see if my coffee partner is available. Must remember to tell him to put sunblock on his nose, which has become a bit sunburned from the last bit of sun we had. Am toying with the idea of Toulouse Lautrec tonight. I may also pop to the art shop as a pen has broken it's tip, which I think can be replaced. We shall see.

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