Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Went to the art shop who do not have the nibs for my pen and would have to order them. The pen cost £22 and the nibs £16.99 so still thinking about it. My honeymoon couple have vanished to Amsterdam for the next leg of their trip. They came back late on their last night, and I was rather disturbed by a vile burning smell and the pinging of the microwave while I was trying to sleep. Up at 5 since they were leaving at 6 and made them some coffee. The mystery smell was solved later when I found some M & S plaice fillets in breadcrumbs in the fridge. They had been cooking some of these in the microwave and had obviously burned them. Dear me. However there were three more fresh plaice fillets which I cooked the next day. Another couple arriving this evening, this time from America. The weather has improved enough for me to potter around the garden. I have been trying to improve this for the summer. I suspect I will have to invest in a new pump for the pond as I cannot get the old one to work. We shall see.

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