Wednesday, 8 May 2013

More of the Same

Two couples later I am getting things down to a fine art: found some individual butter pots, laying up breakfast on the counter which can be eaten outside on sunny days, receiving gifts from many guests though they are paying to stay - the latest gift was Brittany pancakes with salted caramel sauce - tea anyone? My guests have all been really nice people. I have cleaned up the garden a bit and ordered a lined tub. I shall put the small fish into this and get something a bit bigger for the big boys in the pond. I shall then fill in the pond and put more plants there. That way I do not have to deal with the major problem of the fence rotting at the base and earth falling into the pond. Had an interesting kettle experience yesterday. Fortunately my guests were not yet upstairs. Put the kettle on for a cup of tea, and heard a loud popping noise - turned around to see smoke and flames emerging from the kettle base. After a moment of panic pulled the plug out and put the kettle and base outside. Nibby said I should ring Morphy Richards and give them the serial number. She thought they might give me a new kettle but no such luck. Seems I bought the kettle direct from them in 2006. I pointed out that it was old and I expected it to stop working at some stage, but not to blow up in my kitchen - fire hazard etc. Anyway they offered me a discount on a new one and will send it. Meanwhile it is back to heating pans of water. When I checked the price I discovered not only were Curry's selling it more cheaply than the discounted price, but it was also much cheaper than that in Morphy Richards own outlet shop. Dear me. Out to Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec for the jazz jam on Monday night. Great as usual. A guy came and introduced himself as a friend of Rade, one of my sketching companions. Turns out he lives around the corner, and Rade had mentioned that I often sketched at Toulouse Lautrec, and sent his regards. Last night I had heard from Dorothy who took a short break in Barcelona. First the electricity was either cut off or not working in the flat. Then there was an awful smell necessitating the purchase of a new fridge. Then shse found five dead mice stuck to the floors and a dead cockroach. Finally when she had cleared up a bit and someone got the electricity temporarily connected, she discovered the boiler was broken, but after examination by two electricians, had the boiler replaced and managed to get out for a late dinner, to contact Endesa today and try and find out what has been going on. Dear me, some holiday! Lying in my bed. The middle of the night. Feeling a bit tired and sleepless. In my right hand is my mobile phone. Every now and then it makes a little blipping sound and wakes me up. This is the signal that one of my protagonists has made a move in the game. Time for me to respond. This goes on for hours until I finally fall asleep. I blame Dorothy. My new addiction is a game called Letterpress. Do not buy it. A word game you can play with opponents from all over the world, as many games at a time as you can handle. I usually have between 14 and 20 games on the go at the same time. A frightful time waster, but an excellent tranquilliser. I am knackered in the morning.

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