Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Back again

I am having a horrible time trying to deal with technology. I think I have now reclaimed this blog so it will be basically about whingeing about everything so you can stop reading right now. I reported in the blog I set up by mistake: that one of my esteemed guests buggered the hot water control on the shower. On the plus side she paid for the plumber.. Another two guests slunk off slightly furtively having apparently broken the thing the clicks th gas on at the hob. Then I discovered that the oven which they had used for heating pizzas was also apparently broken. After a bit of a panic I remembered that the timer on the oven is very difficult to use, so fiddled about with this for a bit and lo, the oven is working again..mysteriously the ignition thing has also started working again. I shall be quite happy to get off for a few days. Anyway I may try and keep my Kookydays blog about artwork and photography etc and this one about everything else. Had a fabulous dinner at Zucca last night -Dorothy's birthday. Julian popped over today for a cup of tea. My current guests leave tomorrow and no more expected for a couple of weeks.

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