Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Feeling a bit crap

Must be something I ate. So cancelled my gallery babysitting today. My current guest is leaving this morning with another, an American actress, expected this afternoon. Just time to change the bed, and my cleaner is coming today. I have been working on some amateurish looking posters for the exhibition which has been fun. Great Monday evening at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec, and met David on Tuesday morning for coffee. I hope I shall be better tomorrow as I am due to be sketching at Lambeth Palace with Jo. If I starve all day things should improve. We shall see. I shall have a quiet day resting today, and checking that I have some breakfast stuff in the cupboard. Dorothy due back from the States on Saturday I think, when I am supposed to be sketching around Westminster. The weather is very dismal today, back to the normal British summer. So disappointing - at vast expense and on impulse as usual, I bought something called an Xhose for the garden, only to discover it does not fit my garden tap, so have sent off another six quid to obtain the right fitting. The hose is meant to be self tidying by shrinking down as it dries and expanding when the water is turned on. A bit frustrating not to be able to try it. Fortunately it is raining anyway, and knowing my luck the damned thing will be ready in time for winter. There seem to be a lot of gulls outside. This takes me back to when my grandmother lived in a kind of hut thing on the cliff in Combe Martin. She frequently fed the gulls and had a favourite who would stamp on the tin roof, demanding his breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. Jason here from the TL jam. Great pic you did, and I hope you're okay with me using on my blog at

I hope they'll use it themselves on their posters - would make a classy alternative to pics of plates of tomatoes... Ah well. Best to you and your mog from me and mine Jx