Friday, 5 July 2013

Tired and Weary

I am today. Had a couple of gins with Dorothy last night before falling asleep in front of the TV and going to bed really early. Woke up before 5am with pains in the head, which have worn off a bit but still persist. I am hoping that a vertical position will get rid of them eventually. Not looking forward to Barcelona and morbidly looked up the cost of a funeral in Spain, just in case I croak while absent on leave. Not good, but probably cheaper than bringing a corpse back. I do like to look on the bright side before going on holiday. Which is probably why I don't normally go away. Can't wait to get back here again. What with Easyjet changing the cabin bag size to a size impossible to purchase I now have a minute bag. Weighed it and 8kg so far so have a little scope. Maybe will leave the extra 2kg for any local purchases. We shall see. I think I may need to take quite a long break from doing AirBnb but am booked up well into October for the time being. Maybe I could take off December and January to try and regain some energy. We shall see.

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