Thursday, 4 October 2012

Another plumbing disaster

Yesterday I decided to tackle the mess in my bathroom cupboards. I have already mentioned the two leaks in my bathroom towel rail. These have slowed down a bit but are still there of course. Anyway, I opened the doors of the cupboard under the sink and detected a mouldy smell. There is a place there under the sink with a plastic tray full of bits and pieces, on top of an upturned box lid full of makeup. This area is rarely disturbed, but I noticed to my horror that not only was the plastic tray full of water, but also the box lid - and covered in stinking mould. Obviously another leak. I cleaned it all up but the plumber can't come until Tuesday. On looking in this morning I can find no water, so it is a slow or intermittent leak. By Tuesday I will have spent three weeks rent on the plumber. Dear me. The new shower head and bedroom door I was planning to get are now on hold for the foreseeable future. Romy emailed to say the Urban Sketcher meeting is now on News Shopper and she will bring me a copy. Had a glimpse of it on their E-edition. Happy days. Kook arrived drenched with rain this morning, so I dried him with paper towels.

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