Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Toulouse Lautrec last night

After a lazy day went to Toulouse Lautrec hoping not to see Alice again. Fortunately since she did not pay her bill she has been giving the place a wide berth, thank goodness. So I was free to sketch away all night and proceeded to produce more quick sketches, some in my sketchbook and some on paper. Today I realised that I was paying nearly £60 a month in income tax so rang the tax office who had made a mistake and will change my tax code and get me a refund from January this year which will be very welcome. Went to the printers and spent more money. I shall now be able to label the backs of my drawings. Soon I will have to do a 'stop press' list of my more recent efforts. I am hoping my son will be able to come tomorrow and collect my ex's legacy, then pay some into my account so I can send cheques for the small sums owed from it before distribution to the main beneficiaries. I shall be so glad when it is all dealt with. My lodger has not yet found a flatshare. I suspect the agents are sending them to look at properties which are with several agencies before the landlord lets them privately through Gumtree to avoid fees. I am keen to get enough money to put a door to my room and get a chest of drawers and generally have a cleanout of the room I am currently letting which means waiting until my current lodger leaves. Although she will be away while my exhibition is on because my sister needs the room for a couple of nights, I shall be busy all week invigilating at the gallery so even if I had the money I shan't have the time to do anything about the room. Dear me. My community charge has gone up from £70 a month to £126 a month because I have a lodger. Will just about balance with the tax refund.

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