Sunday, 28 October 2012

Crypt Cafe, ICA and Mamuska party

Well, I did a short sketch of the crypt followed by a longer one of the sketchers on Friday at St. Martins in the Fields.I then dashed over to Waterloo where I met my son and we did the legal declaration, followed by a chocolate at Paul's. Now all we have to do is arrange for the money transfer which involves a visit to Denmark Hill next week. Yesterday I went to some exhibitions at the ICA, and met some interesting people there where we had a coffee and a chat. This was
followed by tea at Mamuska where there was a children's party going on, so did a quick sketch of that. Fortunately my telephone remembers to put its clock back, but Kooky is unaware of this arrangement and started clawing at me from about 4 am. I am following Nibby's advice: managed to find some half price steak mince to roll in balls and freeze. I am taking one out each evening and giving it to Kook in the morning so he gets some raw meat which is apparently good for cats.

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