Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Tonight. Have tweeted that I am hiding at home wearing a garlic necklace. I spent this morning chasing money which may show itself at some stage next week. Must go and see if one of my print buyers was serious about a possible purchase. I seem to feel hungry all the time. Dorothy has managed to get my food diary back to my iphone so i should be using this but have somehow forgotten the vast amounts of calories consumed today. Hoping for a better day tomorrow. This afternoon and evening I have framed extra drawings and made holes in the backs for screws and attached bits of string as required by the gallery. I have also done another list of my 'stop press' latest drawings. As I only have two more frames, only two more drawings will make it to the exhibition. My main problem at the moment is my inability to send a press release since the gallery apparently do not have a mailing list. To my amazement. Julian suggested that I trot over to ASC nearby who may have some useful advice on this front. And I was rather pleased with the press release I had prepared. Oh well. It may have to be a largely secret event. Tomorrow evening I hope to have the energy to go to the 'Dare to Wear' thing at St. Pancras Church crypt which is only on until 4th November. Francesca rates it very highly. Reading about all this kitsch stuff reminds me of my 'office' at UCH, completely painted and decorated with the most vulgar kitsch I could find - even the computers did not escape my attention and were very floral indeed. The plastic beaded curtains at the entrance and the Barbie scented unholy water stoup where visitors were required to do the sign of the Barbie bow (a kind of figure of eight gesture with the right hand, executed with clerical dignity) before entering my 'office' were just the beginning of the experience. This reallywas a bit of a secret location, visited only (apart from hospital staff who actually worked there) by a select few fellow artists. It was however greatly appreciated by one of the patients, a child who had inadvertently wandered into my wonderland. Ah, those were the days! My hommage to Pierre & Gilles images superimposed with the heads of hospital staff were apparently used as screensavers on the wards. I have probably written about this at length before, so sorry for boring you again.

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