Sunday, 21 October 2012


Was taken out on Friday by Romy. We 'did' her fave dress exchange, Paraphernalia, before dashing off to Blackheath and some charity shops, where I purchased rather a jolly purple brolly. We met Bernie for lunch at a wonderful place near where they live and I was treated to a fab cheeseburger with fat chips and then devoured some made choc and hazelnut ice cream. Fabulous. Went back to their flat for coffee afterwards and met kitty again and spoke to Ben, since I had a slight misunderstanding with some of his Facebook friends. Different sense of humour, no doubt. Anyway I am forgiven I hope. Yesterday I set off for South Ken with Luke and the Drink and Draw crew. We went to the Science Museum where I did this (for me) quick sketch of a plane. We lunched at Pret before setting off for the Natural History Museum. Unfortunately this was awash with noisy children so I sloped off to draw in the Hoop and Toy pub, where the others appeared at around 4pm. Then the usual moment of shame where I had to reveal my sketchbook together with books from all these professional designers, animators etc. Oh well, onward and upward!

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