Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I have it. Drew at the Mall with Artists & Illustrators on Monday. Just in my sketchbooks. Then drew at the lunchtime concert at St. Martin in the Fields. Great steakhouse round the corner where we had a late lunch. Later went to Toulouse Lautrec and while I was sketching, Alice texted and announced that she was joining me. Not the ideal companion when sketching. She left before the end having eaten a meal, then texted to ask me to pay because she had forgotten! I texted her back to say she would have to sort it herself as I do not carry cards or much cash when walking around the local streets. Apparently they told her she could pay the next evening but I felt rather embarrassed by being associated with someone who didn't pay her bill. I may have to give the place a wide berth for a bit dammit. Yesterday I worked a bit more on my sketches and today sketched some students lunching at the Albert Arms. Tomorrow I am due at Kew at lunchtime clutching my sketchbook. Here's some bad snaps of copies of my sketches:

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