Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It Just Gets Worse!

Nibby said I should not let people put me off going to my faviourite gig, so I set off last night to another jam session at Toulouse Lautrec. It was Nolan's 30th birthday, which made it even more fun. I enquired about Alice, and it turned out she had still not paid the bill! Extraordinary! Feeling guilty because I had introduced her to the place, I said I would pay it, because I saw no reason why they should lose out. Just remind me to chose my companions more carefully next time. Anyway it was a great night despite the inauspicious beginning, and Nibby is right. I just hope they will bar Alice or insist on advance payment if she has the cheek to go back. I will certainly not be inviting her to my table.
It was the Urban Sketchcrawl on Saturday, and I met the excessively talented Jenny Linn-Cole who has been beavering away at her graphic novel. Can't wait to see it. Anyway the weather was not brilliant so we sat about at a cafe in Berwick Street all day and drew and nattered before meeting up with the others. As usual, Jenny's work was brilliant.

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