Thursday, 1 November 2012

Day of the Dead

Well it has been in Southwark. I took Julian's advice and went to ASC who were unable to make any suggestions re publicity since WAC dont have a mailing list and the people from the art shop said ASC would only want to promote their own people. I am ploughing a bit of a lonely furrow/pissing in the wind here, I can see, so rather than waste my news release, just fired it off to some local papers who will probably completely ignore it. Oh well. Tant pis. Sent some flowers to my mother-in-law for her birthday today. I am looking out some snaps of my decorated skull and some other kitschy things to take tonight. I suspect I will have to wear some bright colours and only hope I am not expected to have a tree on my head. We shall see. My lodger is complaining about the cold in her room. She has the door firmly shut at all times, otherwise the heat might filter through from the hall and living room. It probably doesn't help that she leaves the window open all day for fresh air so it is freezing when she comes back. Nothing much I can do apart from offer her an extra quilt for the bed. It will be ages before I can afford to have the radiator knob thing changed which will probably help. Two heating engineers have checked that the radiator does not need bleeding. Dear me. I shall probably report back to this blog again either later this evening or tomorrow morning. We shall see. Dear me, I am all overcome by kitsch. Arrived at the Crypt and found friends, grabbed wine and cupcake and wandered around. Well it was over the top and then some, but great fun, with an altar for Day of the Dead, some people dressed as their favourite dead artist (Frida Kahlo's by the dozen) etc. etc. So here's some snaps:
That's quite enough for now. More on Flickr and Facebook.

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