Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Barking Stairs

Still no paint at the shop, so taking Nibby's normally sound advice I decided to paint the stairs with acrylic colours in shades of grey and black etc. Unfortunately my impatience told rather heavily in the daubs and blotches of colour. Appalled, yet I did not desist when I saw what I had wrought, but continued to paint all the stair treads. I still have to ruin the landing, but will set to work on this soon. Babysat the exhibition at Waterloo Gallery and almost sold the portrait of Jeremy to an American art collector. He still may come back and buy it so I must take a snap of it, just in case. Another possible exhibitor turned up today, so may put a couple of rather pleasant country landscape pieces in. We shall see. I did a short sketch of him chatting to Del. Knackered tonight and glad to get home. Not sure whether Nicos will come back.

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