Thursday, 10 January 2013

Still Painting

But they had run out of the colour today. Of course. God knows when they will have more. I found a similar colour in my cupboard and did an undercoat of this down all the stairs before escaping to the pub until the paint dried. Did a brief sketch there and had a jacket potato. Nightmare when I got back. The Kookster had fought his way into the hall and padded downstairs, removing paint from the stairs and printing it on the living room floor. He will have to go. Did not examine the paws but removed the paint from the floor with fine sandpaper. Not sure I like the colour but at least the hall looks lighter. When I get some more I can see I shall have to purchase several additional cans for touching it up all the time. Dear me. Next I shall empty the hall cupboard of anything superfluous. Julian popped around last night briefly and collected a few Christmas presents. Also relieved me of several bottles of booze which were surplus to requirements. Put my wig on to go to an opening tonight in Spitalfields of an Irish artist called Elizabeth Cope, might see Evon or Kate there. More painting tomorrow, drawing on Saturday and to Acton on Sunday. I may go to a Science in the Pub talk on Monday since they invited me and it will be a change from the jazz jam at Toulouse Lautrec. Maybe I can draw scientists. Or drunks. We shall see.

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