Friday, 11 January 2013

Still No Paint

I went to the shop and they had been told there was a problem at the factory, so still no damn paint. I have tweeted but I expect in vain. May put something on the forum like: 'anyone know where I can get a tin of Johnstones satin one coat colour: frosted silver - today'?. We shall see. Meanwhile I have to go out drawing in the freezing cold tomorrow, then to Acton on Sunday, and my guest is arriving on Tuesday after my lunchtime sketching appointment. Wish I had never started painting the stairs now. On the way to the shops I saw the back of a woman waiting at the bus stop. She had a large bun low down at the back of her head with three different biros sticking up out of it. Handy. Pity I didn't get a snap.

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