Monday, 7 January 2013

Clean Sweep

Have been dumping old canvases by the bins daily and watching them disappear. Julian will collect my old blackboard easel and drawing board and I may be able to get rid of some acrylic paints if I sort them out. Spent a vast sum today on two more Bristol board sketchbooks and some pens etc. Have succeeded in putting my room on Five Nights a Week (no takers) but failed dismally to get it on to Air BnB because I can't get a photograph on. Same problem as Facebook no doubt, antique laptop and antique iphone. Cant even get snaps on using Ipad but Dorothy will look at this at some stage. Mind you, I looked at the description of the smart shiny places being offered and decided the only way to get anyone would be to appeal to their spirit of adventure, which enabled me to be rather truthful about the shabby pad I call home. It remains to be seen how much of a deterrent this will be. It may be that Air Bnb will remove it as not being grand enough for their clientele. I removed a huge keyboard Dorothy had stored under the stairs but could not find the stand so thought I would use the ironing board. However the keyboard was so heavy I could not lift it out of the case so it is now back under the stairs. Dorothy has left masses of bits and pieces relating to making electronic music here, including a prehistoric Atari computer. Dear me. On Nibby's advice I shall repaint the stairs, but instead of the white she suggested I shall try a pale grey which might not show Kook's pawmarks quite so much but will make the area look a little lighter. We shall see. I can do one stair at a time to try and avoid Kook ruining the whole thing. I am doing a major clearout but will keep anything sensible such as bedding and towels for when Julian gets a new flat. I probably have enough stuff for a couple of flats. Today I sallied forth in my new wig which of course looks very cheap and synthetic. It is rather comfortable though and doesn't feel as though it will fall off, and not too hot. I am attempting to do a drawing a day. Yesterday's was complete crap. If I have the energy I shall go to Toulouse Lautrec tonight as it is the first jam of the year. I think my next clearout will be in the clothes department. The kitchen is proving refractory, but I am hoping to donate some drinks to anyone who presents themselves. I have at least half a dozen half empty bottles of spirits and liqueurs which it seems a shame to throw away. Then the fence needs fixing outside, a major job involving a new fence post, and probably plenty of dosh for a hairy arsed lad who has not yet been identified. We shall see. Skilled volunteers accepted. Nibby's grand piano is due to arrive today which is exciting. I do wish I had room for a piano, not that I can play, really. Oh well. It will be a great acquisition and huge fun for the grandchildren no doubt. Any grade 1-3 sheet music gratefully accepted so I can send it to Nibs.

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