Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday Morning

Went to the opening last night having discarded the wig. Being in Princelet Street took me back to the old days pre 1995 when I was at college and we used to have lunch in the Market Cafe, now closed. Reminded me of when we used to lunch with Denis Severs, and Gilbert & George would occasionally pop in, among other local artists. Also reminded me of the house for sale for £50,000 in Gun Street which I unsuccessfully tried to persuade my husband to buy. The man was a fool. Anyway the opening did rather remind me of Cork Street in the eighties and nineties, with lots of young men ligging and the same rather genteel atmosphere. At least there were no cameras which meant that I did not find myself in shot next to some gorgeous AND famous tall person, as always seemed to be the case in Cork Street. Dear me. I was immediately recognised by Jacqueline Parchment who runs an art website and who had invited me as part of a group exhibiting at WAC. Elizabeth Cope's art is slightly Matisse-like in terms of use of colours and drawing. However, I am slightly unfortunately reminded of 'Derek and Clive Live' every time I see a lobster in a painting - especially in relation to any nether regions depicted - as in 'The Worst Job I Ever Had'. This may be due to recently re-reading the Peter Cook scripts. The other unfortunate association for me with lobsters is the tediousness of doing my art A level, when I did several drawings and paintings of these wretches. At that stage, mushrooms and crustaceans have a strange fascination. This is just me, though, I am sure. The only time I now want to see a lobster is in front of me on a plate, freshly caught from Brixham and preferably at the Elephant Restaurant in Torquay. Anyway, Elizabeth was an excellent host and greeted me warmly, dashing off to fetch several glasses of wine for us, which she cleverly managed to hold in one hand between her fingers. I seem to remember trying to do this years ago with disastrous results. It was an interesting opening with lots of work, and before I left I texted Evon, but she wasn't around before I caught the bus home. It would have been good to have a catch-up, and I think she would have enjoyed the opening. Starting last night, it has become freezing cold and Nibby has shot off to Scotland to someone's stately home before the snow sets in. Apparently it is very tasteful and I am sure she will enjoy all the luxury. Early this morning I touched up lots of the ghastly little messes I have made with painting the stairs. I really should not be let near paint. Reminds me of my son's declaration that I am the only person he knows who can bring their house price down by redecorating it. Unfortunately very true. Today I shall look elsewhere for more paint and check the shop for deliveries. Jacqueline has said that maybe I could put two or three pieces into the forthcoming exhibition at WAC since they are quite small. I shall look a few things out. She also mentioned that I might like to contribute articles about art to her blog posts. I am not at all sure about this at all. We shall see.

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