Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blimey - sold a painting

Had a good day at the Mall Galleries yesterday and an excellent steak for lunch at the steak place near the Cass shop. No more new colours in Cass bags but you can't have everything. Del contacted me to say that the American guy who was interested in my Jeremy painting had returned and wanted to negotiate on the price. He took a card and would contact me. We spoke this morning and agreed a price. The gallery is shut today and he is returning to America but we made an appointment to meet for a handover on 1st March when he is briefly back here. All very exciting. So funny at the Toulouse Lautrec where I went with Nicos the other night. A Puppini sister called Emma something was meant to be signing with Robin Banerjee playing the guitar. Robin used to play with Amy Winehouse. We had seats in the front, and Robin had to start alone as Emma had not turned up. I was sketching and got a round of applause when Robin held up my sketch to the audience. A member of the audience filled in playing piano and singing very pleasantly, and later Emrys Baird filled the gap excellently so we had a super evening. Nicos enjoyed some wine and cheeses while I had some French onion soup. Great time. I have now rather incompetently started painting the landing which at least brings it a bit more together with the stairs. I shall continue this particular battle for a bit, I suspect. I was due to be sketching at the Barbican today but had a bit of a cold so abandoned that idea straight away and settled for sketching a punter at the Elephant where I had lunch at the Cafe Nova. Dorothy kindly fixed my ipad and laptop but I still cant get images onto Facebook any more because they have changed something on their system.

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