Monday, 14 January 2013


Getting bloody cold, innit? I am now sporting my shrunken, motheaten, partly darned and felted cashmere sweaters and cardigans which are a bit of a godsend in this chilly clime - and am never without gloves. So happy I purchased masses of fine kid gloves for a fiver a pair from a charity sale ex the old Christian Dior London boutique, but must seek out some fingerless gloves for sketching, so I can look like an old Mouldiwarp. (Look it up - clue: E. Nesbit). Anyway it was Madeleine's birthday, so after painting a layer of white gloss on the banister rail as instructed by Julian the other day, I departed for Hammersmith, where I was picked up by Madeleine, along with a niece who had cycled part of the distance. Congratulations were in order because the niece had just bagged a great job as what we used to call a 'talent scout' for a record company, which at the least should ensure much wining and dining for the foreseeable future, and provide fantastic experience for the future. We had an excellent lunch cooked by Madeleine,with a wonderful pavlova provided by a close friend. Good fun was had by all, and I was dropped off at the bus station at Westfields which made it easier to get almost to my door on a 148 bus. The paint had dried so I applied a further coat to dry overnight and settled for an evening of TV: the Hotel, which has made me laugh since the beginning; preceded by Come Dine, and then the Selfridges thing. I am beginning to find the last a bit confusing, but put this down to tiredness and lack of concentration in old age. Today I shall check the paint situation again. If nothing comes soon I shall paint the stairs again in another colour because I am sick of the unfinished look, and need to get on with other problems of decluttering etc. Dorothy seems to be very busy having dinner with friends, so I don't know if or when I can get the snaps I did on to AirBnB. Nicos' arrival in UK has been delayed, so awaiting further news here. On Saturday I went to Luke's Drink and Draw. We started in Covent Garden (totally freezing) and rapidly trotted off to Somerset House for a lunch break. The canteen was totally full so we managed to bag some seats in the main foyer where we ate lunch. I stayed there to attempt a few feeble sketches, after which Jo and I went early to get to our final destination: The Ship and Shovell under the Arches at Charing Cross. Seems the pub is named after the ship again named after Sir Cloudesley Shovell. Good view of the little street and building opposite from upstairs where we colonised the entire room. Went home tired but happy to have started sketching with people again. Some thought I should work as an illustrator, but I have no idea how one would set about it. Any huge financial offers gratefully received. Ha ha. Will put a few sketches on later. Onward and upward.

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