Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Eve

Celebrated in style at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec. Had an early dinner downstairs which was delicious: Pate de foie gras with fig jam after an amuse-bouche involving a foam covering sun dried tomato and chorizo. Main course was guinea fowl with mash and green beans. Mushroom and wine reduction. Then pistachio ice cream with chocolate melting pud. Staggered upstairs. The room had been arranged with chairs around the edges to allow for dancing. I found one of the two small tables and installed myself. Jason appeared, looking very smart in evening dress with his mother and young sister.His mama looks very glamorous, like a younger and more attractive Joanna Lumley. They sat with me and I spent the evening drawing. Not terribly successful but at least got a couple of drawings done, and ended with a very rough sketch after midnight when everyone was dancing. Jason bought a bottle of champagne which they kindly shared with me. The evening was great fun. As I came out the whole street was full of young people trying to get into a party. Went down Dante Road and it was a bit of an Inferno, with an empty warehouse throbbing with the sound of a large rave. Masses of people but took a quick snap where you can just see the silhouette of a DJ in a window. More people in St. George's Road, probably returning from the fireworks. Had texts from Dorothy, Nicos and Kate wishing me a happy New Year. Pierre from Canada had rung up earlier in the evening. After feeding the Kookster, fell into bed at about 2.30am. Here's the snaps:

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