Friday, 30 September 2011

Cats Ahoy!

Just felt like looking at some cats. Nibby arriving on Saturday, plus Bear and partner and Olivia, my great-niece. Place a tip, though, so a bit of a clear-out today.

Chat with Dorothy, who is of course very busy. I forgot to ask him to come and help me turn my mattress over but maybe I will ask Bear, who is a strapping young man.

Booked for lunch using my Groupon for Sunday to find they had no spaces before 4pm, so looks like a late lunch with Nibs.

Bit of a frantic last minute rush at work to try and sort out bank accounts. Very boring task for Romy and me, but needed to be done and the results not so dire as anticipated. Will arrange to go to the bank and sort stuff out on my return.

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