Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wednesday 21

Wrote this yesterday. I spoke too soon. Kook appeared, whingeing outside at 5.30am. So unpredictable.

The dreaded meeting tonight.If only I could retire as from yesterday. Oh well.

I have noticed that the worse I feel, the more I spend. Purchased more garments from Gudrun Sjoden yesterday, and noticed Daniel Hersheson had a sale. I have now purchased three more winges, two reduced to £9.99. They are in platinum, pale pink and purple. Also a couple of blonde clip-on hair bows in two sizes and a plaited headband, all in the sales. I had to restrain myself from also ordering another lot from Gudrun in the evening, since she has yet another collection out, and just bought another mulberry coloured long sleeved nightdress from M & S online. This must stop.

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