Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday 19 Afternoon

This morning I sallied forth to the Elephant & Castle to collect my coat and deposit this book on a bench downstairs. Probably got thrown into a bin, who knows? Bumped into a voracious reader in the form of a punter, who was unfortunately not keen on Irish novels. Mind you, he then revealed that he had read over 50 Terry Pratchett books, so I suppose it was hardly surprising.

My red coat looks excellent so I confirmed my clothes extravagance by purchasing a bright red and pink striped boiled wool unlined jacket at Sensational. It sounds vile, but actually looks quite good on, in that the stripes are wide and few, and the cut is quite flattering. Reduced from £110 to £59. Will look good as one of this years' jewel colours.

Lunch at Lye Torng. Had a go at Andrew about the disgusting state of the wooden stools which need repainting and recovering. He says they might do this, and I suggested that customers were turning away at the door when they saw these, making the assumption that the rest of the place was filthy too. We shall see if the penny drops.
My house is also rather a tip, so I shall stow away more unwanted clothes and see if this reveals some of the furniture underneath the huge piles of unwise purchases and overlarge things. I suppose I should be pleased: now down to size 22 from size 34, and 13 stone from about 18 stone. Only another six stone to get down to my ideal weight.

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