Friday, 14 October 2011


From drawing has marked the past couple of weeks. I shall try and get back into doing my journals and so on. Hanging out with young couples and very small children just makes me feel very ancient and sidelined, which is a new and unwelcome experience. It is so long ago since I had a child that I am relieved that this part of my life is over, though I enjoyed it at the time. I am set in my ways and no longer keen on the unfamiliar. This is why I am still in London, despite hankerings to move to the country. My Barcelona purchase was a mistake probably: at the time I did not anticipate the future financial crises and drop in the property market.

Above is a snap of Nibby's elderly Italian Greyhound (which may be crossed with a whippet).

The new report out on neglect of elderly people in hospital just confirms what I have observed over the past twenty years or so, with general attitudes towards the old. Probably brought on by old people like me who aren't that keen on the young!

Had a chat with Victorine last night. Apparently the opening I missed on Tuesday night was really good if a bit crowded. It was at the Chris Beetles Gallery, and Victorine dined later at her favourite little Italian place in Soho. She suggested that when I retire we could do some travel pass outings and discover new parts of London. I have to say that I rather fancy a shoportunity at the new Westfields thingy at Stratford, so may think about a trip there from Southwark. Vic has rediscovered Portobello Road, and Nibs and I found quite a few good East London places recently. We shall see.

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