Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Elder Abuse

First they abuse or ignore old people in hospitals, now they are trying to pinch our houses, whatever next? Compulsory euthanasia over the age of 70? This morning I heard someone on radio 4 whingeing that the Americans are keen to downsize on retirement, but not the nasty old Brits, who are quite unreasonable and hang on to the places where they have brought up their families and have worked all their lives to acquire. I am expecting a knock on the door when I have been reported for having a spare bedroom. Makes you sick. I may watch Soylent Green again soon. I seem to be getting my own share of abuse in the form of poisonous emails at work and nasty neighbours at home. At least the latter have shut up for the past year or so. However, it is all enough to make you move to Macclesfield. Or Starcross. Or anywhere else but here. Dear me, I am feeling a bit cross this morning. Quite crabby, in fact. Crabbed old age I expect.

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