Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturn's Day Again

Another tragic mug. I thought they were improving, but then saw that the top right lip of the mug looks as though the spoon has melted it outwards. Oh well. I blame the draughtsman.

Usual lunch at Lye Torng reading the papers, followed by a tidy-up (very minimal) at home. Then a food order to Ocado which will arrive tomorrow morning. Then met Dorothy for a coffee and catch-up at Borough Market. We decided that going out for lunch on Christmas Day was a non starter because of transport problems, and I said we would carry on with our tradition at my place. Actually, I am quite looking forward to finding the Christmas pudding recipe and thinking about decorating the place a bit. We are unconventional to a large extent by not having the traditional turkey or a joint. Dorothy will cook small chicken pieces with roasted vegetables sprinkled with rosemary, garlic cloves and olive oil in the oven at a high temperature. I remember this was very good last year. I may make some bread sauce and gravy to go with it. I shall purchase some champagne, and there are lots of liqueurs here already.

Dreading next week, but trying not to think about it. My nbf Alice is coming for tea tomorrow.

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