Thursday, 20 October 2011

Retail Therapy

Yet another wonky drawing. Must do better.
The self medication continues in the form of an excellent luncheon at Lye Torng - chicken Penang curry this time - and a visit to Sensational after work with Romy, where we both enjoyed spending a bit of money. I purchased a rather eccentric black cardigan thingy with lots of small torn holes in parts, asymmetrical shape of course. Will look good over dresses, skirts and trousers/leggings and boots. Romy purchased the grey version, so we shall have an office uniform.

Have been giving some thought to my gloomy financial future. Though ideas for obtaining filthy lucre have not been rushing to me, ideas about how to spend time have been. I shall definitely do more drawing and painting, maybe abetted by an ipad which I shall purchase while I still have the cash. I shall probably join the bus pass outings from Waterloo Action Centre when they are going somewhere I want to go. This should be a cheap option as people take their own sandwich lunch etc. London should be an excellent place for a penniless retirement as there is so much to do for nothing. South Bank is nearby, as is the War Museum, and the bus pass option will take me further afield, maybe even to Portobello, as Madeleine and Victorine have suggested. Julian described the cafe near Brick Lane which is going to have a life model so I can do a bit of drawing for the price of a coffee or two there.

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