Saturday, 22 October 2011

October Friday

Looked around my flat which is full of stuff. I really must declutter and tidy up my papers, which are all over the place and will prove a nightmare on my demise unless I start sorting them a bit - drawers full of mixed and muddled relevant and irrelevant papers. What I need is a filing clerk, ha ha. I think a lot of people could use one of these. I remember years ago there was an agency in West London called Problem, who would sort anything out - pet feeding, cleaning, babysitting, typing, house sitting, etc. etc. I need someone to sort out the whole physical part of my flat: cleaning, furniture, stuff in every room, but apart from papers the most important mess is books and clothes which seem to breed like rabbits all over the place.

Coffee at Elephant upstairs, popped in to Sensational, then Lye torng for an excellent chicken Penang curry, before subsiding at home. Oh, and I also need to bag up the garden refuse for collection next Friday, having missed it this week.

Another bad drawing in the evening - I seem to be specialising in wonky mugs now, plus I did a rather wild sketch of Kook stretched out. I have been reading The Master and Margarita and am thinking of rechristening him Behemoth. Perhaps Sir Kookster Garden Behemoth (KGB) might be suitable, since he has taken to colonising all the local gardens recently.

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