Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year - New Wig

Here's my new 2013 wig in a brown fringed bob. I rather prefer myself in black and white snaps. Oh well. Had a fab day with Lucy, Philly and Django yesterday, eating drinking (mainly tea) and trying on winges and wigs. Lucy looked wonderful in a pale pink winge, while Philly looked best in the dark pink/purple one. Django looked like a moody teenager in both wigs but a bit suspect in a winge. I looked foul in anything, and with rapid thinning of the hair due to old age and lack of HRT I purchased the above bobbed wig in the sale today for £14.99. It has large gaps between the fringes of hair mounted, so does not make your head hot and itchy like most wigs. The make is Kali. Unfortunately they only seem to do dark wigs, but the fit is very good for me. I quite fancy a blonde or fantasy one though. We shall see. There may be a trip to Brixton later in the year.

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