Thursday, 21 February 2013

Back Again - Your Landlady!

Well, I have been a bit busy. Tidying up frantically all the time for my first guest who has now been and gone. He was here for three nights: an engineer working on the new signalling for the Underground. Very charming and easygoing (thank God!) and altogether a pleasure to have around. I even found myself inadvertently cooking breakfast in the mornings. This will have to stop. Mind you since I have posted more snaps of the flat including the stairs I have had no further bookings beyond the ones I originally took. Airbnb are offering some free photography so I may take them up on this. Julian tells me I shouldn't have put the stairs in because they are too weird, and I suspect he may be right. I am thinking about this. Julian kindly came to help me put some bulbs in last night which has considerably improved the kitchen lighting. I have a map of London and have been sticking dots all over it in places where I have lived, worked, studied, enjoyed myself, done some drawing etc and there are quite a few now. Also places of significance where friends and relatives live or where I have lived in the past. And places I hang out in now. I am thinking of numbering them and providing a short description of each, together with sketches I have done of many of these. It is just a totally personal illustration of 'my London'. I was surprised at the number of dots: mind you, since they include all the hospitals I have worked in, and I have worked in most of the London hospitals, this should not be so strange. Though I spent many years living in west London outside the map: in Shepherds Bush, Barnes and Twickenham, these are obviously not included. It was also interesting to see how little of North London I have had much involvement with, apart from the odd visit to Hampstead to the theatre or to see friends in the past. I will see how this little project progresses. Off to see Evon and Kate tonight in Bethnal Green.

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