Sunday, 3 February 2013

Drink and Draw at Old Operating Theatre

I had not realised there were about 35 narrow spiral steps to this place in St. Thomas street, and with no rail but only a rope going up the inside to grab. Bit of a nightmare, but I could not have done it at all a couple of years ago. Did a sketch of some shelves with various potions and herbal remedies. Strolled to Hays Galleria, where I purchased a small rucksack, which will be easier to carry my stuff and had lunch at Cote, which was very pleasant. There I met two women, one of whom worked at the Visitor Experience at the Shard, and had been admiring my rucksack. Since she was quite young and very smart I took this as a compliment. We had a brief chat and I left to find the others who were in a local coffee place. As the Horniman was packed, we found another pub where we sat and sketched each other for a further hour or two. Very enjoyable.

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