Friday, 8 February 2013

Wall Filling, Kooky Biting and Courgette recipe

Here's a French recipe from The Times, apparently served with tomato coulis to children. It is good hot or cold and I am chopping it up and sprinkling over a salad with balsamic dressing. Basically you boil four courgettes for ten minutes, having turned the oven to 180. While the courgettes boil, you break four eggs into a large bowl and add a quarter teaspoonful of nutmeg and some salt. you fry two finely chopped shallots and put aside. You add 200g of creme fraiche to the eggs and beat in then add the fried shallots. By the error of not doing this properly resulting in a rather wet result, what you should then do, after draining the courgettes, is to slice finely using a food processor and lay the slices to drain on kitchen paper for a bit. Then line a dish with baking parchment and layer the courgettes until they reach the top. Then pour the egg mix over and grate 60g of gruyere over the top. I used cheddar. Then stick in the oven for 30-40 minutes. It is a bit of bother, but I quite liked it. I should mention that Kooky is developing quite an appetite for my right arm. And I put filler into the blown plaster hole, only to discover a further hole to fill today. Dear me. I have also been invited to the annual party by my former employers, and wrote a card accepting but got the date wrong having mislaid the invitation. Tragic. Fortunately I have now found this and will put the date in my diary. Probably just as well I retired when I did. Drawing tomorrow at the National Gallery and then National Theatre in the afternoon. Hope I remember to go!

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