Friday, 1 February 2013

Cafe Sketching at Kew Greenhouse Cafe

About 12 of us met at the Kew Greenhouse Cafe yesterday. Earlier, a huge bunch of flowers arrived from Arena flowers as a thanks for ordering so many bouquets over the years. Lovely. Met Francesca, Becky, Susan and others and we spent a few hours sketching and chatting. I ate too much and did not get much work done, but it was good fun. Today I fell by the wayside a bit financially speaking by paying a visit to the Gudrun shop in Monmouth Street. Three glamorous women invited me to share tea with them, and two of them turned out to live fairly locally. Very artistic too - a glamorous American oldie with a green and pink fringe, hair in a scarf with a bright red flower in front and red dangly earrings, with a black jacket and clothes. Both of the others were very elegant and mainly in red. Seems that two of them were felters, and were studying at Morley college just up the road. Small world. Of course I gave way to temptation and bought a couple of Gudrun pieces. Must remember not to go up there again. I have been invited to the annual party by my previous employers. This is held at the Brick Lane Music Hall, and includes lunch and a matinee panto, which promises to be excellent, judging by past years. Looking forward to it. Must get in touch with Dorothy, who went in to work for the last couple of days of the week. Drawing tomorrow at the Old Operating Theatre.

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