Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fat and Tired Old Bat

Another ghastly moment on the scales - now gained 11lb since Christmas. Was hoping I might have dropped a pound or so last week, but am now carrying another extra. Must try harder. Stopping cooking might help. Anyway went to Luke's Drink & Draw yesterday. We met and started sketching at the National Gallery until 1.30 then walked across Hungerford Bridge to South Bank. We had a quick lunch at EAT before going to the top of the National theatre to sketch. I was a bit tired by this time. Texted Dorothy but no reply. At four we intended to compare work and have a drink at Doggett's but it was absolutely full, so I suggested we walk inland to find a less crowded pub, which we did in the Mad Hatter, which was a great relief. I was so tired by this time that I was forced to order a Bailey's which did make me feel a little better. At this point Dorothy texted and was at Borough Market. I really wanted to meet Dorothy but was too tired to move. Fabi then joined us and showed me the huge red painting she was currently working on. Quite impressive. She is so funny. 'You know how you are feeling good while you are drawing?' she said. "And when it is finished you feel fantastic?' 'Yes' I replied. 'Well" she said "it is just like sex, no?". I had to agree.

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