Sunday, 24 February 2013

Knackered of SE1

Just found a quotation from Twelfth Night, Act 3 line 3 where Antonio recommends lodging in the south suburbs, at the Elephant. Put this in my Airbnb description. I shall succumb to having their free professional photography and have removed some of mine - they are a bit crap. Just had another booking for three nights in April. It's all a bit exciting, but the rushing around cleaning frantically has left me a bit knackered. Also a bit worried about the Kookster, who has become excessively picky about food, only eating the jelly from cat food. Will have to keep a bit of an eye on him. Ordered some pond snails which arrived the other day, in the hope that they will help keep the pond a bit cleaner since they apparently like eating all the horrible stuff which accumulates in ponds. We shall see. I was rather shocked to find myself taking an interest in cleaning materials. Dear me. Mind you, the awful mistake of a black marble tiled kitchen floor had been a challenge, as it never looks good whatever I do. Waterloo Zeitgeist has been extended for another month which is a stroke of luck. When I have enough money I must get the garden fence fixed before the summer comes as it is practically lying on the ground. I am also too feeble to turn my very heavy mattress which is in dire need of turning as I seem to be sleeping in a huge dent in it. Oh well. Pity I was too tired and it was too cold to go to Luke's Drink and Draw yesterday which was at St. Pauls' later crossing the millenium bridge to Tate Modern. Mind you, I shall have no shortage of places to draw for my new project about my London. Unfortunately there are only three or four indoor spaces, often involving the interiors of friends' houses. Hoping to see Dorothy today for a coffee or something.

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