Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Diary of a Landlady

Went to the annual party at Brick Lane Music Hall yesterday. Very competently organised by Romy and it was super to see everyone again. Chats with trustees and punters and a brilliant lunch and pantomime, as usual. My successor has made huge changes in the organisation and now has a reputation as a bit of a superman, with knowledge in every field, which is excellent. So good to see everyone again, and Romy coping womanfully, as usual. Makes me realise my total inadequacy. This was even more apparent this morning. I have a new punter arriving tomorrow: a doctor (who looks about 18: I'm definitely getting very old) who's here for a conference. Casting my eyes critically about the flat I spied a huge thick layer of dust at the top of the kitchen door, which I climbed up and removed. Then the microwave looked extremely dingy inside so sprayed it with sugar soap. Tidied the bathroom a bit. I shall put some welcoming fruit, biscuits and a bottle of water in the room later. I may purchase another hyacinth if I can find one as they smell divine. I must also buy some more storage containers to tidy up the area underneath the kitchen counter. Must also buy some milk and Polish bacon today. And some superglue. As my chap is coming at around 5.30 I am not sure whether to go to cafe sketchers tomorrow at 1.30 in Peter Jones at Sloane Square. I suppose I could go early and stay for a couple of hours before dashing back. I shall see how I feel as I am also supposed to be sketching at the Saatchi on Saturday all day. I have to say my flat is in dire need of repainting, particularly in the hall and living room. Oh well, it will have to wait until time and money permits this, especially considering the total horror of the garden. We shall see. I am doing some more cards of my stuff soon. I think cards of the guest bedroom and living room might be a good idea as souvenirs. Of course my guests may have nightmares thinking about my painted stairs and generally eccentric (so I am told) flat. Time will tell. My main thing at the moment is obliterating Kook's pawprints and making sure plenty of fresh air gets into the house. Hmmmmm...........

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