Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sluggish Internet

So I shall download a few snaps later. Suddenly I was contacted by three people on Air Bnb while babysitting the gallery. I could not make my iphone respond to the queries so had to wait until I got home. Anyway, the final upshot is that unless cancellations are made, I have two bookings - one from 28th until 2nd inclusive and another from 3 March until 30th. Drawing at the Landmark yesterday I had another query I could not reply to for a date when the room is free, but when I got home the caller had found somewhere else. Though I do have the iphone app I somehow cannot get into it because I cannot remember how to sign in and have to do it through Facebook which I do not have on my phone. I will have to discuss my problem with Dorothy in order to avoid missing bookings in the future. I may have to carry my ipad around, but am nervous about doing this and can only connect if I find somewhere where I can do this as I don't have an internet account thing for it. Anyway, I am very pleased and relieved to have some bookings. I was so reluctant to have a permanent lodger after the last awful experience. I may not be able to do this either, but the only thing is to try. We shall see. Had a great afternoon sketching at the Landmark yesterday. It really is very expensive, but I just had a diet coke and Becky very kindly offered me some of her smoked salmon sandwich which was delicious. Kathy decided to come and it was great to see her. I met some people I had seen before, but this time managed to have a bit of a chat together, which was good. There were about ten or eleven sketchers altogether. Disappointing to miss that booking though as it was someone who was particularly keen to be near the National Theatre. Pity she couldn't wait a bit, but a good thing she found somewhere else. Nibby tells me you have to respond very quickly because they are sitting at their laptops mailing lots of people and are inclined to take the first reply. Ah well. I shall have to sort it out somehow. I think I will have a quiet weekend and maybe I will be up to the Toulouse Lautrec jam on Monday, which I have missed for a few weeks, which is unlike me.

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