Monday, 4 February 2013

Windy Weather

Yesterday had roast chicken at Mamuska and did a short sketch. Had an enquiry for my room through Airbnb from a business man in Argentina coming to London to work for a few days asking for a special price. Knocked it down to £30 a night as it was my first possible booking, then had a reply saying he was thinking about it. Then re read his original enquiry, in which he referred to renting the flat! Sent a rapid reply saying it was just a room, then emailed Airbnb to change the title to make this clear. Mind you it would be pretty amazing to find a flat in London for £30 a night. Things must be much cheaper in Argentina. Oh well. This galvanised me into a certain amount of action, in that I partially cleared the dumping ground under the kitchen counter , and also the top of the counter, so now three people could sit there and eat or drink. I shall start to remove the picnic hampers from the living room and store them on top of my wardrobe upstairs. I shall then paint the pine trunk, which always looks a bit sordid,and hopefully improve the living room a bit. I may forego Toulouse Lautrec tonight as I am going to the National Theatre tomorrow night.

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