Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Another Jam Session

at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec last night. Apparently the musical theatre on Sunday night was absolutely amazing. ( Don't know whether I have mentioned that First Foot, the fishy pedicure place has closed. Too upmarket I expect. Oh well. I felt really sorry for the owner who is a hard worker and an asset to the shopping centre. I do hope she will come to the opening of my little show.) Did a couple of sketches at TL but there was another artist there doing huge A1 or A2 sketches in oil pastel with these huge Sennelier sticks. He was very good indeed so I was quite unsatisfied with my efforts. Because of my scalp psoriasis I am wearing a kind of black turban thing today. I may have to wear these a lot of the time if things don't improve so am practising. I may purchase them in a few different colours. We shall see. Getting a bit nervous about my show. Still, too late to cancel now so I shall have to grin and bear it all. May well get the fruit juices on the day of the opening since there is a Sainsbury's over the road, which will also be handy if we run out of wine - though probably no one will come and there will be a wine lake for Christmas. We shall see. Anyway here's the sketches I did last night:

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