Monday, 5 November 2012

Monday All Day

Had a call from Southwark News to say my snap was a bit blurry unfortunately so sent them a couple of less flattering ones of me. Should have sent this self portrait with Deirdre Barlow specs. Or not. Nibby rang to say I have now sold my Lyons Corner House drawing so will have a few prints made since it seems popular. We shall see. Have also been dealing with the council about my ex who appears to have owed some rent. Since they sent a statement about this I find it hard to imagine that he could have owed more rent after he died unless you have to give a month's notice after your death. Dear me. They will tell me how much it is tomorrow. We shall see. Very dull today and have had Delhi belly all day confining me to barracks. This will exclude any possibility of enjoying an evening at Toulouse Lautrec which is a pity. I also doubt whether I shall make it to the cafe in Chiswick on Friday. However I should manage the arranged visit to sketch in the War Museum on Saturday. I hope. I shall see what the Southwark News prints on Thursday, and depending how positive this is I might then see if the publican who was interested in buying a print still wants one, otherwise it will go in the show with the original.

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