Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Improving a Bit

Ventured to the shopping centre briefly today and purchased the Times. I have decided my innards are shot to hell so have decided to go on a 'low residue diet' which should give them a bit of a rest. Mind you, it is all very daunting, eating nothing which is normally considered good for you (ie fresh fruit and vegetables, porridge, pulses etc. etc.) but just a bland, invalid type diet. However I shall be able to eat bananas occasionally so stocked up on these, plus white bread and rich tea biscuits, but for today have just had one cup of chicken noodle soup minus the noodles, and two rich tea biscuits with tea. Apparently toast and jam without fruit pieces is OK so that is easy. I shall be trying the delights of tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce, custard, jelly without fruit, but I think I am still allowed tinned sardines, thank goodness. I suspect I must lose weight on this dreary diet which will certainly preclude dining out. We shall see. I imagine my insides must improve because they won't have much to do. Did some printing today and made up some more Christmas cards. Not at all sure about these. Oh well. Dreading seeing the Southwark News tomorrow. I shall not sleep all night worrying about what a fool I have made of myself. Oh God. Must get my jaws wired. And mouth taped up permanently. Finished a little sketch of Percy, Evon's basset hound which I started ages ago.

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