Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Hanging Day

Anne-Marie and Nibby turned up to help me hang my pictures and we trogged along to the gallery. Of course a) the ladder provided by WAC was broken, and b) the rods for hanging did not have enough hooks on them. This meant that a group of eight drawings remained to be hung. Very frustrating, but we hope to try and obtain some more hooks from the gallery today. They really are pretty hopeless. The room was full of chairs and there was some kind of pentecostal service going on in the room next door with lots of aggressive-sounding loud shouting. Poor Anne-Marie was quite alarmed and thought an urban riot was beginning in the place. We will have to get the chairs removed today and obtain a table. Fortunately we went out to Zedel later for dinner and had a super time with Nicos and Dorothy. So today it's back to the fray with the opening tonight and we have to cart all the food and drink etc along to the place this morning while trying to sort out the final problems. Hopefully after this it will be relatively plain sailing. My other problem is that my mobile appears to have partly kicked the bucket. It will not show me my messages or send any and sometimes does not work at all. Good timing really. Typical.

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