Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Again

Seems Dorothy is popping off for a short break in Hong Kong on Monday, back next Saturday. I hope this is fun. Washing my sheets today I turned the heating on to dry them. After a while I went in to my lodger's room as she had complained that the radiator was only lukewarm. It felt very hot to me, so I suspect the main problem is that she leaves the window open all day. It might be better to just leave it open a tiny crack but all the time, and put an extra cover over the bed which I can provide. Oh well. Meeting Evon and Cathy for an early celebration of Evons 50th birthday tomorrow. We shall apparently go to a local place which I have yet to find. Nibby told me that you can make home made condensed milk from dried milk, sugar and water. Tried this and it tasted a bit nasty so added some vanilla and almond essence. Then discovered I had not put enough dried milk in. Dear me, may try and add some more. We shall see. Unless it is totally wet tomorrow may well go and draw at the Museum of London in an attempt to provide something to frame for my exhibition. It really is getting bloody cold. I may try and purchase some navy dye to dye one of my large cashmere jumpers in the hope that it will felt up, shrink a bit and become warmer. We shall see.

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