Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Worser and Worser

Still confined to barracks but must try and get out later to buy some papers of various types. Dear me. Slightly cross exchange on the phone this morning. Seems the council would like to charge my ex for another few months rent until they finally cleaned the place out for reletting. This is apparently done quite slowly in case a relative turns up at the property though I suspect it has more to do with local cuts or inefficiency. Of course I did not have enough money as I only had the rent statement found in his place, and had paid out all the other sums. I am also somewhat against paying for rent after his death, since this had been previously paid from housing benefit which had been stopped on death, and his very small legacy was only due to the sudden payment of a state pension. He had had to live without this for a long time because they had forgotten to pay him and had only been paying pension credit. They were quick enough to stop it when he died, and I still have to try and get my mind around the possibility of his owing money for months after he died when it was hardly his fault that they took so long to reclaim their property after being informed of his death. Anyway the official eventually advised me to just pay the amount owing on his rent statement since his account was closed, so will do this and hope they will not make further demands. My whole attempt to try and do what he would have wished for his sons has been a complete pain from the start, and just shows that everyone, however young or poor, should have a will. I am still quite cross about this council thing. I must try and get well enough to go out soon since I have to do lots of photocopying for my exhibition, and need to somehow get up to Waterloo Action Centre with the posters for the exhibition. Illness is always so inconvenient. Strict instructions to live on water for the next two days from Nibby, before graduating to full fat Coke. Dear me. At least I don't need to buy food, but will need to get out to get the papers and drinks. If I can. Am still a bit doubled up and certainly not confident enough to leave the flat.

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