Thursday, 8 November 2012


Thank God the bit in the local paper was small and far in but still very embarrassing to me. There were a couple of bad shots of my drawings, not helped by being tiny, but still. All publicity will have to be good publicity. Did a couple of enlargements at the printers to use as posters outside the place and the man carefully widened the images to fit the page, so now my face looks enormously wide! Dorothy is in Macau, hoping to get back to Hong Kong tonight. Says Macau is really pretty. I purchased some more low residue foods today. At least they are cheap: things like tinned spaghetti, tinned carrots, tinned peaches, rice pudding and cheap old white sliced bread. Also purchased some chicken legs which I stewed with a very small amount of onion and garlic adding bayleaf rosemary and juniper berries which I shall strain out. Managed to find marmalade without peel also. Dear me. Have actually eaten a toasted cheese sandwich with very little cheese in it. And a banana, seemingly the only untinned fruit I am allowed. Can't remember what groceries I ordered online which are due tonight but no doubt they will be useless. Gave my cleaner the Reggae Reggae sauce I was trying, as this is evidently far too spicy and has bits in. Tragic. Tomorrow I will print the last of the drawing lists, purchase a stapler and fasten them all together. I shall also need masses of bluetac. I think I will have to type out all the main legends in capitals to put on card, too. More wine coming tonight.

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